Meet the Model: Becky Thompson

Meet Becky Thompson – successful model, yoga enthusiast and campaigner for confidence. We caught up with the face of our makeup tutorial series to get the lowdown on her career, life objectives, beauty regime and fitness tips.

How did you become a model?  
I was scouted whilst walking around the supermarket with my mum. I was 16 at the time and decided that I wanted to finish school rather than become a model. When I turned 18 I went back to the scout and signed up at their agency.

What do you think of the modelling profession?  
When I first started I was so excited! But then my first shoot was literally walking around in the rain all day, so I thought… hmmm…this isn’t quite what I imagined. But that’s how it is. It’s actually really fun, and I get to meet some amazing people. The travel perks of a modelling career are incredible!   

So where has your profession taken you?  
I’ve spent a lot of time working in Tokyo and Korea, as well as the U.S.A and Paris. Oh, and of course, London.   

We’ve shot four makeup videos today, which one’s your favourite look?  
I thought the “How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger” was great. I needed those makeup tips! To see the video click here.   

What do you do in your spare time?  
I am a qualified yoga teacher so I do yoga everyday, as part of my “keep young and fresh” routine. I’m also a life coach; I help young girls to be more confident. So actually, this kind of thing (makeup tutorials) is an amazing tool for teaching younger girls how to transform their makeup looks and be more self-assured!   

How did you get into that?  
As a model, I met a lot of girls with a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Young models can receive a lot of criticism and negativity from others in the industry. My coaching basically gets them to understand that they have unlimited capabilities and chances to achieve whatever they want to. It’s about getting out of the cycle of thinking you aren’t good enough – leaning that you can do whatever you set your mind to.   

By incorporating fitness and exercise into their lives, and making time for their friends and families, I try to teach them to find balance. Balance is so important - if your job is your main goal in life you will go insane. 

Beauty with Becky

My cleansing regime. As a model, I get my makeup done all the time, so it’s essential that my skin is fresh and ready for the next round of application. That’s why I’m religious about my morning and night cleansing. I use a good gel cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser. Most importantly, I use an eye cream. This ensures that I don’t get bags, and that I always look fresh and awake for shoots.

Because I have fair skin I easily get freckles, so my summer must-have is SPF.

I just love oil-based products that give my skin moisture and vitamins!

Again - I love to use oils! I have fine hair so heat plays havoc with it. I leave in conditioner overnight and let it work its magic while I sleep.

A red-lip paired with a little black dress is my favourite look of all time! 

I tend to stick to a largely vegetarian diet, paying a lot of attention to what I eat – for example avocado is great for the skin, so I add that to my diet. I try to get all my vitamins directly from food, since I eat a lot of vegetables, but, I do take Vitamin C and D tablets as well. I have to! We don’t get much sun in London, so I need that extra help!